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General Classification Procedures
Deadlines for Submitting a Request for Reclassification
Qualifying for In-State Residency
  Intent to Reside in Florida
Dependent Student
Independent Student
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Residency Wizard
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Florida state statute Section 1009.21 defines the requirements for a student to be considered an "in-state" resident for tuition purposes. A person may be considered a Florida resident for the purpose of paying taxes, voting or other legal purposes after residing in the state for a designated length of time however, the state statute specifies additional requirements must be met before a student may be classified as "in-state" for tuition purposes.

Living in or attending school in Florida will not in itself establish legal residence for tuition purposes.

Initial Classification
The initial classification is made by the office admitting you to the University as either an undergraduate, graduate or non-degree seeking student. The classification is based on the information you provided on the application submitted. Failure to provide all relevant information, including copies of required documents, may lead to an initial classification as an "out-of-state" resident.

It is your responsibility to check your residency classification when you are admitted to the University of South Florida.

If you feel your initial classification is in error, you have until the last day of that term to contact the appropriate admissions office and request re-evaluation. Once you have completed your first term, you may only request reclassification for future terms.

Undergraduate Students:   Office of Undergraduate Admissions   813.974.3350
Graduate Students:   Office of Graduate Admissions   813.974.8800
Non-Degree Seeking Students:   Office of the Registrar   813.974.2000

Continuing students can request a change of residency classification from out-of-state to in-state. If you feel you have become eligible for in-state status, you must submit a Request for Reclassification and additional documentation to the Office of the Registrar. The burden of proof is on you to clearly and convincingly demonstrate you meet the criteria for reclassification.

Obtaining in-state status can be challenging and requires significant effort on your part to submit supporting documentation. You should allow adequate time to provide this documentation prior to the start of the term for which reclassification is sought; failure to do so may delay a final evaluation of your request or result in a denial.

Appeal Procedures
A student may appeal the decision of the Residency Counselor to the University Residency Appeals Committee through the University Registrar, who acts in the capacity of the University Residency Appeals Officer and will communicate the decision. The appeal process includes an opportunity to submit a written appeal for review. The individual is notified of the decision in writing and the reasons the appeal was denied in writing. The decision of the University Registrar is the final decision of the University of South Florida. Any subsequent appeals are made in the Second District Court of Appeals.

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