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An independent student is one who is 24 years of age prior to the start of the term, OR is married, OR has a dependent child, OR is a graduate student OR provides for a minimum of 51% of his or her own support.

In the latter case the student must document the source of the financial support and clearly demonstrate that the parent is no longer eligible to claim the student as a dependent for federal income tax purposes. The student must complete the Request for Reclassification and the student must substantiate the following:

I. Establishment of legal ties to the State of Florida - The three submitted documents must be dated/issued at least 12 months prior to the first day of the semester for which Florida residency is sought. No single document shall be conclusive. The student must also demonstrate an absence of legal ties to any other state than Florida, Continued legal ties with another state find against the establishment of a domicile in Florida.

- Florida driver's license
- Florida vehicle registration
- Florida voter's registration
- Declaration of Domicile
- Proof of purchase of a permanent home in Florida (While not enrolled in a public postsecondary institution in Florida)
- Florida occupation/professional license
- Florida incorporation or other evidence of legal residence in Florida (While not enrolled in a public postsecondary institution in Florida)

II. Proof of Physical Presence - Students must demonstrate they have been maintaining a residence in the state of Florida for the domicile year associated with the Request for Reclassification. Physical presence may be documented by:

- Leases, rent receipts or utility bills in the student's name
- Proof of employment (While not enrolled in a public postsecondary institution in Florida)

III. Financial Independence - Unmarried students, under the age of 24 with no dependents, must also document they are self-supporting. When the Request for Reclassification is evaluated, University staff estimate the student's expenses for the domicile year. The estimate is based on the "cost of attendance for Out-of-State Residents". The estimates are used to derive financial aid eligibility. The estimate is specific to the individual student as it is dependent on number of hours enrolled, place of residence (on-campus or off-campus) and other circumstances. The student must conclusively document that they have provided for a minimum of 51% of these expenses. Financial independence is documented by:

- A copy of your parents most recent tax return indicating you are not claimed as a dependent, AND
- Proof of income greater than or equal to at least 51% of your estimated expenses. Income includes:

Earned wages for the past 12 months, documented with federal income tax returns, W-2's and pay stubs. Earned wages must be declared in order to be considered. Tips and other earnings not reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will not be considered.

Scholarships received in the past 12 months. Submit a copy of your award letter.

Monetary gifts, personal loans, or financial support in the form of room & board or other expenses from the student's parents, other relatives, a significant other, or friends demonstrates that the student lacks independence and is financially dependent upon others. In such cases, the student is NOT considered independent.

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