The School of Architecture & Community Design (SACD) offers graduate degrees and certificates. In some circumstances, undergraduates can enroll in the Master of Architecture Program before completing a baccalaureate degree.

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Art Studio and Art History

A student majoring in fine arts is studying the creation and appreciation of art throughout history and today, as well as exploring their own abilities in studio classes.  The major equips the art student with the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary for further training at the graduate level and develops mastery of arts, crafts, and design in the student.

The Art Department offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Studio and the Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in either Art Studio or Art History. The two studio curricula (BA - studio concentration and BFA) are designed to develop the student's consciousness of aesthetic and ideological aspects of art and its relationship to life and to assist students in the realization of personal ideas and imagery. The B.F.A. program in Studio Art will expose the student to many possibilities in the art-making process. The areas of emphasis in art media are painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics and electronic media/video/performance. A portfolio review is required for admission the Art Department.

Many students interested in college teaching, museum or gallery work, fine or commercial studio work pursue the extended discipline and experience offered at the graduate level.   Other examples of potential careers include

  • Archivists and curators
  • Designers
  • Visual artists
  • Services sales representatives
  • Jewelers

 In addition, the St. Petersburg campus offers a concentration in Graphic Design.  For more information about the Graphic Design concentration, to

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The exceptional dance program offers professional preparation and education through a curriculum of study within two degree options: B.F.A in Dance Performance and B.A. in Dance Studies. Degree programs provide intensive study in dance technique (ballet/modern/world dance), creative studio studies (Dance Improvisation/Choreography/Performance) and dance theory (Music Analysis/ Dance History/Kinesiology, etc.). The curriculum and methodology focus upon providing students with an understanding and accomplishment of the physical, intellectual, and aesthetic aspects of dance within creative and scholarly research. Students are prepared for careers in performance and choreography within the B.F.A program, while the B.A. in Dance Studies prepares majors for unique and diverse dance careers/opportunities. Students in the B.A. program complete a core of study in dance with focused electives from another area of interest such as: Anthropology, African Studies, Business, Education, Communications, Psychology, Wellness, Women's Studies, etc.

The dance program offers a dance minor consisting of 24 credit hours in the areas of studio technique, creative studio studies, and dance theory.

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Dance Studies

The bachelor's degree in Dance Studies is a comprehensive, flexible program that incourages individualized programs.  Students are able to combine study of dance with other academic interests, allowing for a broad-based liberal arts education.

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The School of Music offers undergraduate degrees in Performance, Music Education, Jazz Studies, Composition, and Piano Pedagogy.  Instruction in all orchestral instruments is also available.  Even if you do not choose to major in Music, the School welcomes your participation in its activities and organizations.

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Music Education

The Music Education concentration in the School of Music prepares students who wish to teach music. Although this degree does not lead to Teacher Certification, alternative certification can be achieved while employed.  An internship is included in the program of study, and our graduates are readily employed by public school systems.

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Music Studies

This new program option will serve students who desire a broader education in music than is provided by either the performance or music education options currently available. The new program option will also be attractive to students who wish to combine a major in Music with a second major such as Business Administration. The resource implications of program implementation are minimal, as the cirriculum will consist of courses currently offered by the School of Music and will be delivered by current faculty. 

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The Department of Theatre is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). Through its curriculum and production program, the Department of Theatre offers seriously interested students the opportunity to prepare, within a liberal arts atmosphere, for a professional career in the theatre or to continue their studies at the graduate level.

For over 30 years, our exclusively undergraduate program has prepared critically aware and skilled theatre practitioners.

The department's mission is to educate students in the art of theatre, to conduct original research, and to present challenging productions to the university and Tampa Bay communities.

Students may graduate with a broad based theatre arts degree, or they may specialize in performance or design. Computer assisted design (CAD), playwriting, stage combat, circus skills, musical theatre, and puppetry are among the many options available.

Special Features

  1. The endowed British International Theatre Program (BRIT) brings five or more professional artists from the UK to work with upper level students for 6-8 weeks each spring semester.
  2. The John W. Holloway endowed chair in theatre and dance provides funds annually for guest artist residencies.
  3. USF's Theatre Department has a formal student Exchange Program with Middlesex University in London, England.
  4. The Department Honors Program allows small select groups of upper-division students to work on special projects with faculty and guest artists for up to one year.

Majoring in Theatre prepare students for any career that includes public speaking and performance as well as other careers including:

  • Writers
  • Designers
  • >
  •  Visual Artists
  • Photographer
  •  Advertising

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