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Summer 2014

New Mid-Term Grades Policy

The University of South Florida System is looking to increase the number of students that will receive mid-term grades. Recently, the policy was revised to require instructors to provide mid-term grade feedback to all students enrolled in 1000, 2000, and 3000 level courses. Under the prior policy, these early warning grade reports were provided only to freshman. Effective Fall Semester 2013, the revision is expected to be implemented system-wide, with some variation at USF Sarasota-Manatee.

Midterm grade reporting is a broadly-used strategy to help students make informed decisions regarding their individual academic success and course enrollment. Students that are succeeding in class can make the decision to stay enrolled while those who are not may decide to drop/withdraw prior to the penalty deadline. Statistics show a 7% increase in retention after broadening this early alert system. The University of South Florida System is committed to providing the necessary information to enable students to manage their academic progress. The new policy is one of many University initiatives directed at assisting students in effectively meeting their academic goals.

Ultimately, even with a midterm grade policy, it is the student's responsibility to be aware of his/her academic standing and grade average in all courses. While both a requirement and a courtesy to individual students, the failure of an instructor to post a midterm grades will not be grounds for a student academic grievance; nor will it be justification for a retroactive drop, as the student is presumed to be aware of his/her current academic status.

The midterm grade reports are submitted after Week 7 or, for summer and alternative calendar courses, soon after the midpoint of the time period that the course is conducted. The purpose of the midterm grades report is to inform students as to whether or not they are meeting the basic or core competencies of the class.

Midterm grade information is available to students in OASIS. No longer will it be just a progress report for lower division students (i.e. freshmen). Rather, it will be a progress report for any and all students taking lower and early upper division courses - regardless of student classification or level. This early warning system allows students an opportunity to drop the course(s) and receive a ''W'' grade, if necessary. The drop/withdrawal decision is an academic action only and does not support any financial refund or adjustment of fees. Students will remain responsible for all applicable registration fees for their course(s)

Lakiecher Murphy, Enrollment Services Team Administrator