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Summer 2014

Toolbox Strategies to Ensure Term Schedule Creation & Course Availability

There have been several challenges in higher education as it relates to the overall availability of courses being offered each semester. A strategic mix of sections fundamentally requires course planning and analysis of program requirements but can also be accomplished through other means. Some institutions rely on historical enrollment data and trends. Still others use enrollment projection models that simply pad existing offerings based on expected new enrollments, while factoring in reductions from graduation and well as losses from attrition.


Course availability is important from both the student and institution perspective. Yearly course planners are helpful to show students the particular courses that are slated throughout the academic year. Advance term schedules are helpful to academic departments in planning faculty assignments and teaching loads, classroom space assignments, and classroom meeting days and times. Ultimately, such planning benefits the institution to ensure throughput (i.e. student inflows and outflows). So the latest buzz in higher education is to utilize analytics or tools to help navigate the way or forge ahead through these challenges.


What reports are commonly used by the Schedulers to help with the development of a robust Schedule of Classes each semester? The reports below ensure creation of an accurate term schedule for current and prospective students. These reports are included in the Schedulers workflow to ensure accurate academic (courses, titles, descriptions, credits, prerequisites, co-requisites, registration restrictions, etc.) and administrative (fees, funding source, location, days, times, instructors, etc.) information.

Schedule Roll Forward - rolls prior corresponding term to jumpstart the schedule for next term


Term Analysis Report - benchmark that compares the number of sections and SCH generated to the prior corresponding term


Unmet Demand Report - courses with no available seats that may require offering additional sections


Course Management Report - courses still needed by “tracked” students

WRS - Schedule: Section Based Fees by Term

WRS - Schedule: Missing Pre-Requisites

WRS - Schedule: Instructor, Chart-field & Building Errors

WRS - Schedule: Courses with Overrides by Term

WRS - Schedule: Course Section Number Clean-up

WRS - Schedule: GenEd & Exit Requirements

WRS - Schedule: Rolling Schedule Historical Summary

WRS - Schedule: Schedule Browse with Course Prerequisites and Co-requisites

WRS - Schedule: Schedule Browse with Course Restrictions

WRS - Schedule: Staff Schedule Search (Summer 2003 to Present)

WRS - Schedule: Course Section Listing by Schedule Type

WRS - Schedule: Course Section Listing by Detail Code

WRS - Schedule: Attribute Sections Listing-Service Learning Component

WRS - Schedule: Attribute Sections Listing

WRS - Schedule: Active Courses with without Primary Indicator

WRS - Schedule: Active Courses with Fee Information

WRS - Waitlist Management - Students Enrolled and Waitlisted for another section of same course

WRS - Waitlist: Detail by Chart-field String

Louis Gray, Academic Services Administrator