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Summer 2014

Transfer Articulation and Evaluation

The Office of Transfer Articulation is continuing to make strides in updating the transfer catalogs in Banner. This process involves evaluating each individual transfer course which has not been previously articulated. Several university and state resources are used in this process.

At the start of the Spring 2014 semester, the Office of Transfer Articulation bid its farewell to Pat Grossman. In 2011, Pat established the Transfer Articulation Office as a distinct unit within in the Office of the Registrar with two employees who are no longer with the university. Although the faces and names have changed, the Transfer Articulation Office has continued to strive having articulated a total of 109,061 courses since its inception.

Today, the Transfer Articulation team, consisting of Chris Fuller and Cristabel Rodriguez, continues to strive under the leadership of Rolanda Washington Lewis, who took the helm as Associate Director on March 1, 2014. Rolanda has extensive knowledge in the areas of transfer articulation, academic policy and procedures and student degree audit systems.

One of the major milestones during Pat’s tenure was the use of web reports to identify unarticulated courses of incoming transfer students. A primary objective of the Transfer Articulation team is to continue the articulation of all “GA” courses for newly admitted transfer students prior to Orientation. “GA” is used to identify generally accepted credit for which a previous articulation record does not exist in the transferring institution’s catalog.

  • As of April 14th, 9,381 courses for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 admits have been evaluated - this number includes student who have registered for orientation.
  • The benefit of having these courses articulated prior to Orientation is that it helps improve Student Success by increasing the utilization of transfer courses.
  • Optimal utilization of transfer courses improves degree completion and graduation rates and helps reduce excess credit hours and time-to-degree.

These are all benefits of timely evaluation of the applicability of transfer credit towards satisfying specific degree requirements. In advancing the Office objectives, the team continues to articulate incoming “GA” courses for the Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 semesters.

The Office of Transfer Articulation also continues to collaborate with all three Admissions Offices across the USF System in the process of validating transfer equivalency coursework and grades in addition to providing assistance to Academic Advisors in troubleshooting transfer articulation issues. In supporting these and other efforts, the Office of Transfer Articulation looks forward to continuing to work in support of all academic advising units and others within the USF system as we help streamline processes for newly admitted transfer students.


Rolanda Lewis Associate Director of Transfer Articulation