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Summer 2014

Primer on Responding to Excess Credit Hour Surcharge Counter Inquiries

The Excess Hours Surcharge Counter was created to assist applicable students with determining where they stand under the Excess Credit Hour statute regarding the potential assessment of additional charges on their tuition. The ECHS Counter is will assist students with tracking the number of hours they have left before they become liable for excess hours charges.


The information on Excess Credit Hours Surcharge is available to our students within a number of USF online publications and web sites:



These sources reference the Excess Hours Surcharge, specifically Section 1009.286, Florida Statutes, and USF Regulation 4.0102. The purpose of statute/policy is to encourage undergraduate students to earn a bachelor's degree as timely and efficiently as possible. Assuming a course load of 30 credits per academic year, students have approximately 4 1/2 years to complete their degree before incurring the surcharge.


The Excess Credit Hours Counter application is available to students from Oasis, Degree Works, and the Registrar's Office website. The link below provides instructions on how to access the counter.


Accessing Excess Hours Surcharge Counter


Student inquiries concerning excess hours generally as well as the ECHS Counter are handled by the Client Services area within the Office of the Registrar. Students may email their inquiries to TellTheRegistar@usf.edu, visit the Registrar's Office (SVC 1034) in person, or call 813-974-2000. When appropriate, the Office of the Registrar may refer students to their College Advising office (e.g. to receive academic planning assistance) or the Cashier's Office (e.g. to make payment arrangements). To assist other units, the Office of the Registrar has provided training and a primer or quick-reference guide to assist with triaging ECHS inquiries.


Shruti Kumar, Sr. ERP Analyst

and Marquisha Wilson, Enrollment Services Team Administrator