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Office of the Registrar

  A Letter To Graduating Students From Governor Scott
  Accessing Excess Hours Surcharge Counter
  ARC - Academic Regulations Committee Instructor's Documentation Form
  ARC - Academic Regulations Committee Medical Form
  ARC - Late Drop/Add Petition Form
  ARC - Reinstatement After Academic Dismissal Form
  Attendance Is Important
  Bright Futures Scholarship Ice Cream Social
  Calendar For Students
  Change of Address Form
  Change of Name Request Form
  Course Audit Form
  Excess Hours Counter - Student View
  Excess Hours FAQ's
  Fee Adjustment Request Form
  FERPA Waiver Request Form
  Final Exam Matrix
  Grade Forgiveness Request Form
  Graduate Petition
  Guide For Non-Degree Seeking Students
  Information Request
  Lakeland Teach-Out Curriculum Changes
  Late Registration Fee Waiver Form
  Non-Degree Residency Affadavit
  Outgoing Non-Florida Transient Student Form
  Post-Baccalaureate Major/Minor Application
  Proof of Enrollment Coversheet
  Registrar's Events Calendar
  Replacement / Duplicate Diploma Request Form
  Request For Residency Reclassification Form
  Research Request Form
  Senior Citizen Audit Registration Worksheet
  Senior Citizen Auditors Brochure
  Senior Citizen Residency Form
  Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Application
  Social Security Number Correction Request Form
  Student Organization Student Records Database List_Label Request
  Student Records Manual
  Summer & Fall Registration Appointments Matrix 2014
  Summer Hour Waiver Request Form
  Transcript Request Form
  University Registrar's Office Policies
  Waitlisting FAQ's
  Waitlisting Information for Students


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