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Office of the Registrar

  How Can I Request My Transcript?
  Non-Degree Student Information
  Can Higher Grades Earned Repeating Courses Affect My GPA?
  How Do I Calculate My GPA?
  Apply To Graduate
  Excess Hours Surcharge
  Can Credits Earned As A Non-Degree Student Transfer Into My Degree Program?
  Can I Waive The Summer Enrollment Requirement?
  When Can I Get A Grade Verification Letter?
  Proof of Enrollment
  What Is Senior Citizen Audit Registration?
  Can I Audit A Course?
  DegreeWorks for Students
  How Can I Change My Home Campus?
  Can I Change My Name of Record?
  Can I Update My Address?
  Who Can I Contact About Grade Changes?
  When Do State Employee Students Register?
  What Is Distance Learning?
  When Is The Late Registration Fee Assessed?
  Where Can I Correct My Social Security Number?
  Veterans Withdrawal Policy
  To Whom Do I Report A Student’s Death?
  Repeat Course Surcharge
  Residency for Tuition Purposes for U.S. Citizen Students of Non-Immigrant Parents
  What Is Waitlisting?
  Registrar's Chronicle
  OASIS Student Schedule Search
  OASIS Student Registration
  Transient & Cross Enrollment Instructions


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