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Office of the Registrar

  What Is Senior Citizen Audit Registration?

Florida residents who are 60 years of age or older prior to the first day of classes in the term of registration may enroll on a space available basis in certain undergraduate and graduate courses without paying fees on the sixth day of the semester.

Senior Citizen Audit Registration Instructions
 1.     Download the Senior Citizen Audit Registration Worksheet from the Office of the Registrar's Forms Page.
2.     The Senior Citizen Student must complete and mail or fax the completed worksheet to The Office of The Registrar by the 5th day of the semester. Fax number is: (813) 974-5271. The Registrar’s Office will process registration forms by 5:00 PM on the 6th day of the semester. Students do not need to be present as forms are processed automatically.
3.     All students (regardless of age) who are enrolled for classes which require their physical presence on campus must complete and submit the Medical History Form. Failure to submit the required documentation will block your registration. The form is online or by contacting Student Health Services at (813) 974-4056. This form should be submitted directly to Student Health Services. Forms submitted to the Office of the Registrar will be forwarded.
4.     Registration forms submitted prior to the 6th day of the semester will be held until the registration date.
5.     No registration will be processed on the Tampa Campus after the 6th day of the term. No exceptions.
6.     Students are allowed up to 12 credit hours, usually equivalent to 3 classes whether regular or alternative calendar. Students must have departmental permits issued in OASIS prior to submission of their senior audit worksheet. Registration is often flagged due to the senior citizen waiver, so contact with the department offering the course is strongly recommended to confirm no permit is necessary.
Tips to make Senior Citizen Audit Registration easier
1.     Do not register for classes prior to the Senior Citizen Registration date. Those that do will incur a fee liability.
2.      If you are a new student, or one who has not enrolled at USF in the past 3 consecutive terms, please provide two forms of Florida-issued identification (Drivers License; Voter Registration; Vehicle Registration) with your registration form.
3.      The Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Program is limited to bonafide residents of Florida. Persons shall be considered Florida Residents provided they have resided and held domicile in Florida for at least twelve months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the term. This data is validated through the Florida-issued documents listed above.
4.      All students, including senior citizen tuition waiver students are required to purchase parking permits to park on campus. You may purchase a one-day parking permit from the Visitors Information Station located at the main entrance to the university on Fowler Avenue. Per-semester and annual parking permits are available from Parking Services.
5.     All students, including senior citizen tuition waiver students are required to meet current Immunization and Medical History requirements for participation in on-campus courses. If you have questions about whether you meet the Medical History Immunization and Medical History requirement, contact Student Health Services (1813) 974-4056.
6.      Courses may be researched in advance of the registration date. The most up-to-date information on course availability is accessed through OASIS’ Class Schedule Search.
7.     Many courses require departmental approval, prerequisites or have other restrictions which limit registration. If you are aware of those restrictions, you may acquire the necessary permits in advance of registration by contacting the department offering the course. The permits will be submitted electronically to registration. No papers are necessary. Students requiring permits on the day of registration can have their forms stamped by the department offering the course.
Under no circumstances will notes on plain paper without department letterhead be acceptable.
8.      Your fees are automatically waived. Your schedule/Bill will show a balance due. Disregard this: your fee billing will be updated by the cashier's office at the end of the processing period.
9.      Students must have all forms filled-out with the correct CRN and desired course information. Office of the Registrar staff cannot register students based only on course prefix.


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