Directory for Course Permitting

The following locator is provided to assist students in securing course permits for registration on the Tampa campus. To obtain permitting information for regional campuses, students should call the following numbers:
St. Petersburg (727) 553-4511
Sarasota (941) 359-4330/4331

ArchitectureGraduate(ARC) ArchitectureUTC 180974-4031
Arts & SciencesAll Levels(AFA) Africana StudiesFAO 270974-4177
All Levels(AMS) American StudiesCPR 363974-2431
All Levels(ANT) Anthropology SOC 110974-2138
Undergraduate(AST) AstronomyPHY 342974-2643
All Levels(BIO) BiologySCA 112974-3250
All Levels(BOT) BotanySCA 112974-3250
All Levels(CHM) Chemistry CHE 205974-2144
All Levels(CLA) ClassicsCPR 419974-2547
Undergraduate(CHM) Clinical ChemistrySCA 411974-2144
Undergraduate(CHM) Health Prof. Med Techs.SCA 411974-2144
All Levels(COM) Mass CommunicationsCIS 3106974-2591
All Levels(CSD) Comm. Science & DisorderPCD 4025974-2006
All Levels(CJP) CriminologySOC 302974-6217
All Levels(ENG) EnglishCPR 358974-2421
All Levels(ESP) Environ. Science and Policy NES 301974-0443
All Levels(MLL) Foreign LanguagesCPR 419974-2547
All Levels(GPY) Geography NES 201974-2386
All Levels(GLY) GeologySCA 528974-2236
All Levels(GEY) Gerontology MHC 1345974-9740
All Levels(HTY) HistorySOC 260974-2807
All Levels(HUM) HumanitiesCPR 363974-2431
All Levels(ISS) Interdisciplinary Soc. SciencesBEH 339974-0983
All Levels(INT) International StudiesSOC 373974-2163
All Levels(LAC) Latin American and Caribbean Studies CPR 474974-2962
Graduate(LIS) Library/Information SciencesCIS 2011974-3520
All Levels(MLL) LinguisticsCPR 419974-2547
Graduate(MSC) Marine Science (St. Pete)MSL 119727-553-1130
All Levels(MTH) MathematicsPHY 342974-2643
All Levels(MIC) MicrobiologySCA 112974-3250
All Levels(PHI) PhilosophyCPR 259974-2454
All Levels(PHY) PhysicsPHY 142974-2378
All Levels(POL) Political ScienceSOC 352974-2384
All Levels(PSY) PsychologyPCD 4116974-2492
All Levels(PAD) Public AdministrationSOC 399974-2510
All Levels(REL) Religious StudiesCPR 305A974-2221
Graduate(RCS) Rehabilitation Counseling SOC 208974-0972
All Levels(SOK) Social WorkMGY 132974-2063
All Levels(SOC) SociologyCPR 209974-2893
All Levels(SPE) Speech/CommunicationCIS 3058974-2145
All Levels(WST) Women's StudiesFAO 153974-3496
All Levels(ZOO) ZoologySCA 112974-3250
Undergraduate(CLA) World Language EducationCPR 419974-2548
All Levels(SPN, FRE, GER) World Language EducationCPR 419974-2548
All Levels(LIN) World Lanugage EducationCPR 419974-2548
BusinessGraduate(ACC) AccountingBSN 2202/3304974-3335/4186
Graduate(ECN) EconomicsBSN 2202974-3335
Graduate(FIN) FinanceBSN 2202974-3335
Graduate(GBA) General BusinessBSN 2202974-3335
Graduate(MAN) ManagementBSN 2202974-3335
Graduate(MBA) Business AdministrationBSN 2202974-3335
Graduate(MKT) MarketingBSN 2202974-3335
Graduate(QMB) Info System & Decision Sci.BSN 2202974-3335
Undergraduate(ACC) AccountingBSN 1406974-4290
Undergraduate(ECN) EconomicsBSN 1406974-4290
Undergraduate(FIN) FinanceBSN 1406974-4290
Undergraduate(GBA) General BusinessBSN 1406974-4290
Undergraduate(MAN) ManagementBSN 1406974-4290
Undergraduate(MKT) MarketingBSN 1406974-4290
Undergraduate(QMB) Info Systems & Decision Sci.BSN 1406974-4290
Co-opUndergraduate/Co-op Career GraduateSVC 2088974-2171
EducationGraduate(EDB) Educational LeadershipEDU 158974-3420
All Level(EDC) Curriculum (see comments) (see comments)
All Level(EDE) Elementary EducationEDU 202974-3460
All Levels(EDF) Foundations(Includes School Psych)EDU 380974-3246
All LevelsEDG) Counselor EducationDU 380974-3515
Graduate(EDH) Higher EdEDU 151974-3455
All Levels(EDI) Secondary EducationEDU 302974-3533
All Levels(EDK) Instructional TechnologyEDU 302974-3533
Graduate(EDM) Middle SchoolEDU 302974-3533
All Levels(EDN) Science EducationEDU 302974-3533
Graduate(EDO) Math EducationEDU 302974-3533
All Levels(EDP) Physical EducationPED 214D974-3443
Undergraduate(EDJ) Physical Education ElectivePED 214D974-3443
All Levels(EDQ) Measurement/ResearchEDU 360974-3220
All Levels(EDR) Reading EducationEDU 202974-3460
All Levels(EDU) Early Childhood EducationEDU 202974-3460
All Levels(EDS) Special/Exceptional Ed.EDU 402F974-3410
All Levels(EDT) English/Speech EducationEDU 302974-3533
All Levels(EDV) Adult/Vocational EducationEDU 151974-3455
All Levels(EDW) Social Science EducationEDU 302974-3533
All Levels(EDX) Foreign Language EducationEDU 302974-3533
EngineeringAll Levels(ECH) Chemical EngineeringENC 3400974-3997
All Levels(EGX) Civil EngineeringENC 3300974-2275
All Levels(EGE) Electrical EngineeringENB 379974-2659
All Levels(EGR) Mechanical EngineeringENC 2300974-2280
All Levels(EGS) Industrial EngineeringENC 2400974-2269
Undergraduate(EGU) GeneralENC 1302974-2684
All Levels(ESB) Comp. Sci./Comp. Serv.ENB 342974-3652
Fine ArtsUndergraduate(ART) ArtFAH 120974-3660
Undergraduate(DAN) DanceFAH 120
Undergraduate(MUS) Music/Music EducationFAH 120974-1753
Undergraduate(THE) TheaterFAH 120
Graduate(MUS) MusicFAH 120974-1753
Graduate(MUE) Music EducationFAH 120974-1753
Graduate(ART) ArtFAH 120974-3660
Graduate StudiesGraduate(GMS) Cancer Biology Ph.D. Prog MDC 44
HCC Co-op with USF
(Cross Enrollment)
UndergraduateAll CoursesAOE 101974-1932
College of Marine ScienceGraduate(MSC)MSL 102727-553-3944
MedicineGraduate(MSG) Medical ScienceMDC 2535
NursingGraduate(NUR) NursingMDN 1036974-9305
Undergraduate(NUR) NursingMDN 1036 974-9305
The Honors CollegeUndergraduate (IDH) The Honors College SVC 1088 974-3087
Public HealthGraduate(PHC) Public HealthCPH 1150974-6505
Undergraduate(PHC) Public HealthNo permit required974-6505
Undergraduate StudiesUndergraduate(AFR) Air Force ROTCBEH 360974-3367
Undergraduate(MIS) Army ROTCBEH 336974-4065
Undergraduate(NVY) Naval ROTC BEH 255974-4789
Undergraduate REA Reading and Learning Services SVC 2125 974-2831
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